Master Of Your Own Domain

I took a day off writing on the blog yesterday just to recharge and break things up. I may start to just post six days a week as I get busier in the fall.


I was feeling a little nostalgic a few weeks back and went to look over on YouTube for old Wallstrip episodes.

It turns out CBS has taken down all of the episodes.

I am really bummed about that, but I sold the show to them and I guess they can do what they want.

If anyone has ideas for how to go about getting an archive of the 400 plus episodes or another site that has them- please hit me up.

In searching, I found a Wallstrip highlight reel on YouTube that one of the producers Scott Solary had posted on YouTube.

It is a reminder to own your own domain like I do here on my WordPress site.

Have a great weekend.

PS – I asked SPAC king of 2020 Chamath to be on the podcast next week and he has agreed so that will be fun to dig in and get some of the insights and stories from him.

PSS – Thanks to my friend Todd Krieger for getting me the perfect birthday gift. You will laugh when you watch this.