Masterworks Founder Scott Lynn Joins Me On Panic With Friends

Here is the podcast with Scott Lynn of Masterworks.

I added some of the details from the conversation below.

Guest: Scott Lynn

Profile: Founder of Masterworks

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

Fun Fact: Beyond actively investing in contemporary art, Scott serves on the boards of different organizations, including the Brooklyn Rail and International Foundation for Art Research. Previously, he served on the Lynn Foundation board.

What’s the Panic About:

Ellen and I are longtime contemporary art fans, having collected contemporary art for 20 years now. So I was thrilled to have Scott Lynn, the founder of Masterworks, on the podcast to explain the fascinating art world and how exactly this industry operates. Scott’s company is an exclusive community of blue-chip art investors. I have long been bullish on the idea of fractional investments, and Scott took the fractional buying and investing experience to the art market. He does a great job explaining how the markets work and the process, along with his personal opinions on art and his projections for the future of the industry. Of course there have been moments of panic, but the long term returns have been fantastic. Every investor will enjoy listening to this episode – promise!

The Takeaway:

The art market allows us to think about diversification and fractional ownership is such a unique way. This is an amazing industry that remains uncorrelated to other investing classes.

Favorite Quotes:

“Just as people have allocations to real estate, they should have some allocation to art.”

“Focusing on the example of the work as well as the artist is really important.”

“It pays to be prolific.”

Food for Thought:

I want to hear about the art and artists that you like and think are worth investing in. What artists have caught your eye recently?

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