Matteo Franceschetti, Co-Founder & CEO of Eight Sleep on Founding, Health, and Sleep Fitness (EP.180)

As long term listeners know, I struggle with sleep. I’m in perfect health with an incredible body and an incredible mind, yet perfect sleep continues to elude me. Luckily, the O’Shaughnessy’s chimed in on one of my twitter rants and pointed the way to today’s guest, Matteo Franceschetti. Matteo is the co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep. Our discussion is a fascinating look into sleep, an area that consumes about a third of our lives, and has a massive impact on our health and longevity.

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Guest: Matteo Franceschetti

Profile: Co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn

What’s Matteo Panicked About?: The future of health.

The Takeaway:

Why do we sleep eight hours? Elon Musk is taking us to Mars, but here on earth we’re still spending a third of our lives on a dumb piece of foam, pretending to sleep eight hours – hoping to wake up feeling refreshed. We can bring technology into the realm of sleep with the goal of recovering faster and enhancing our sleep performance. The lesson: The world likes simple, overnight success stories. Growing Eight Sleep was a lot of hard work. The company was rejected twice before finally being admitted to Y Combinator. Hardware is difficult. You have to deal with manufacturing quality, supply chain logistics, and try to raise money in an environment where hardware comes in an out of favor with investors. But get the market fit right, continue to develop the technologies, and you’ll reach an inflection point.

Favorite Quotes:

“There is plenty of medical evidence that longevity is correlated to the amount of hours you spend asleep, so you should try to take care of that.”

“Temperature is the big elephant in the room… alcohol has a major impact on your sleep quality. Caffeine and carbs have an impact. The time you eat or train… everything has an impact on your sleep.”