Me and Lupe Fiasco…Also Bezos and WeChat and Vaping

I had a fantastic two days seeing great founders and friends at CES in Las Vegas.

Last night Mike Katz (founder of mParticle) invited me to dinner and sat me with Lupe Fiasco. I had no idea who Lupe Fiasco was (my son Max does and gave me some cool points when I sent a pic), which is probably why he was willing to sit with me in the first place.

Turns out Lupe has a great sense of humor and by the end of the night I let him take a picture with me. Now I am digging into his Wikipedia page and music.


The jokes are flying regarding the Jeff Bezos’ divorce. This chart was very creative:

I could not help myself and tweeted this:

There are rumors also about Amazon going much bigger into gaming. That totally makes sense because of the market size of gaming (huge), their Twitch property and of course Prime.

This NY Times piece on Wechat is fantastic (I am long Tencent).

Finally this piece on Juul is a really great read.

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