Measuring Everything In Dogecoin

I have no idea what a Dogecoin is but they are valuable.

If you open Stocktwits or Twitter you are told that Dogecoins ($DOGE.X) are a meme.

$DOGE.x has 200,000 followers on Stocktwits probably making it a top 20 followed ticker on Stockwits.

A today’s price of 60 cents, the Dogecoin marketcap is 77 billion:

I have had many WTF moments the last few years as the ‘yoots’ have flooded into the markets (AMC, Gamestop, Wall St Bets), but $DOGE.x is the new WTF leader.

I was buying some Peloton ($PTON) yesterday and mentioned that at $24 billion in market cap, it was likely attractive to all of Apple, Amazon, Netflix Facebook and Microsoft, if not 100 private equity firms…in Dogecoin terms.

Charlie put the numbers in context here:

Everything seems cheap if Dogecoin is $77 billion.