Media 1.0 has Mucho Money to Spend…BUT Magazines Starting Studios?

Read this in USA Today about Time WARTser (TWX). This just seems like a waste of money to me. I thought they fired Calacanis already?

What is exciting are the advertising expenditure numbers:

Domestic Internet ad sales this year likely will soar 26%, to $20.3 billion, while magazine ads will be up 4%, to $25 billion, Morgan Stanley predicts.

Media 1.0 should stick to buying good content for now with their cash flow. They won’t build studios and teams cheap and fast enough to do internet video well.

Either way, the pie is getting bigger and bigger and the technologies being created (Lotame as an example) to leverage the content with advertisers is getting better and better .


  1. Andy Swan says:

    “They won’t build studios and teams cheap and fast enough to do internet video well.”

    I disagree. Wallstrip is done extremely well, and the amount you raised to create it would be nothing but a drop out of the bucket to these folks.

    Well, now that I’ve written that, I’m questioning it—you said that they WON’T, and basically I’m saying that they COULD….big difference….so I guess I agree after all :)

  2. Andy M says:

    Someone asked me in a meeting last week,

    “Can’t we just build what you are doing, and do it BETTER than you?”

    I replied,

    “sure you could, but it is NOT your primary business, and it is the ONLY thing I’m focused on. second, by the time you fund it, execute on it, and begin to build it — the market will have moved BEYOND your vision of today and WHY PRECISELY you decided to undertake the challenge.”

    It sounds basic, but the larger the company is on the web today — the slower their ability to execute against the evolutionary forces at work — and their “vision” of how to actually embrace change…..

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