Medtronic on Wallstrip – CLEAR!

What a fantastic AMERICAN (global) company. What a fantastic stock performer for long-time shareholders.

Minnesota has huge mosquitos and huge stock market winners in its corporate midst.

Every over 50 jewish person that has moved to Phoenix from Minnesota can’t wait to tell me how low they own this stock. Yawn :) . Being from Canada, when I think of Minnesota I think of The North Stars (that’s hockey for the home gamers) and Gump Worsley, Bill Goldsworthy, Bobby Smith and Dino Ciccarelli.

The good news for shareholders is that every person in the world that has access to modern medicine will likely come to meet a Medtronic product.

My favorite blog source on Medtronic is Eddy at Crossing Wall Street. Check out the coverage. Eddy is cool and I always dig his commentary and less is more philosophy on trading and positions.

I am patiently waiting out an all-time high signal for putting my money to work in Medtronic. I have a gut feeling that will happen. It has been marking time for way too long.

The Wallstrip crew put on a great show for us today covering all aspects of Medtronic’s business. Thanks to all of Lindsay’s friends for helping out again. Some great talent for sure!