Merger Monday is Awesome…Congrats Huffington Post and Steve Case is the New Grinch

I rarely look at The Huffington Post but my friend Tim O’Brien left The New York Times last month and is now National Editor over there so I was checking out the site last week and loving the look. I am never going to be a news junkie, but that puts me in the minority, not one to measure the true value. The market will decide anyways in due time.

Now, it’s an $AOL property and they are using half the cash on their balance sheet ($300 million) to get it. My gut feel is it’s smart and Tim Armstrong is exuding confidence.

Demand Media $DMD has a $1.6 billion valuation and $AOL has a $2.4 billion valuation, so in Cramer speak, $AOL is cheap in the content space. I don’ buy or sell stocks on this, so who really knows how this plays out, but MOMENTUM is the story and the momentum in the internet and content acquisition space is just beginning. That is what matters to most.

It is not worth making fun of $YHOO at this point because it’s maddening to watch, so you must ignore unless you are playing the acquisition game.

The market remains in the buy on Friday and the dips mode, which is just more fun and healthy than sell on Friday and rips.

I am loving this and trying to ride it because I have seen the other side of it too many times and the other side will be back one day.

In the meantime, WOW.

PS – Somebody really needs to get Steve Case a shot of adrenaline or a regular spot on MSNBC and a new business show called Bum Me Out!


  1. Norm says:

    Steve Case is doing just fine eating his Pineapples…I wouldn’t spend any time being the worrier about him.

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  3. Paul Rubillo says:

    Great win for the Huffington Post, but I wonder what the 6000 free contributors will receive from the buyout? Time for contributors to build their own brands and sites and put the hustle into something they will get rewarded for one day themselves.

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