Mergers…I Miss YOU

It was too good to last I know…I mean mergers are always penciled out by the noodlenecks to be accretive, fantastic for all, 1+1=3. But seriously, the bigger they get, the more ego and the less care is really taken. Things needed to stiop just to get the bankers and CEO’s to stop and at least run their businesses for 5 minutes without thinking about all the fees they would get.

It sure was fun waking up to the juiced mergers everyday. Sure the odd/big merger is still happening, but that valve just shut right down 3 weeks ago.

With the weak US Dollar that our current administration has NO INTERST in stopping, I do not expect that to last and those lovely 6am PST wakeup to 25 percent gaps should be back soon.

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  1. Mike says:

    I think (usually what gets me in trouble – thinking!)that Uncle Ben will lower the rate a bit and we will be off again. Then again, maybe not! Time will tell.

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