Message to bears…Is That all You've Got!

What a bunch of sissies those bears. They will be back hard though. I did warn you though to leave the bulls alone for a bit.

Like who cares about Citibank and Countrywide and Homebuilders anyway. Bunch of crooks and sheiks.

Sure, a few of my stocks were shredded shamelessly in the carnage – BBBB, SGMS, TRMB, LOOP, CTXS, CSTR, HNSN, CYNO, EMC, TASR but the stops were few.

One big rally and most of my leaders in my accounts are at or near more all-time highs.

RIMM, AMZN, ESRX, CME, FSLR (sold down), SYNA, VRSN, MIL, WFR (a freaking semiconductor), LOGI, DLB, ERTS, SINA, IBKR, CPRT, GAIA, ADBE, PAAS, SLW, GLD, LIFC, NUAN, GPRO, AUXL, QDEL, RICK (sold most of it down)

My lone financial – American Express – is like a rock. Goldman is the only other financial worth owning and it was up 15 plus today.

Hats of to Rajun for nailing mastercard (MA), up like 14 points since I blogged the great idea. If I was not travelling, I would have made that buy. Totally was honed in on VMW and SPYders.

On my watch list – Condoms (CHD), NOK, CRM ( and more Trimble.

Disclosure- Completely out of Garmin Baidu and Google now.


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