Message to new Wallstrip haters…WTF?

For the most part, Wallstrip is a show about stocks at or near all-time highs. We do parodies and have covered what I think are loser investments (satellite radio) and broken trends (Whole Foods). I disclose my positions. No one else on staff evens owns stocks. If the market sucks for extended periods of time, stocks go down. Not complicated.

The fact that Dell would sponsor our laptop changes absolutely nothing right now. CBS does not whisper in my ear, I continue to pick the stocks and write the frameworks, Options Express actally listens to us (people seem to love the new ad and more are coming) and Dell is a new relationship. It’s a freaking laptop they want to promote.

Dell is not going to get written up by me as Wallstrip worthy…because it isn’t. I don’t think it goes to zero, it isn’t trending and it is not near all-time highs. They want to have product placement, that’s it.

Here are all the posts I have mentioned Dell…trust me, never positively in the current cycle . Does that make Dell traitors for advertising here? I don’t think so.

If you unsubscribe, you miss why I created the show. I trust adam, Jeff, Lindsay and Roman completely with ad placement. They know we want to take nothing away from the actual content and mission…find great stocks and start a conversation. Paying the bills to do so, is reality. Feedback is crucial, but a rant and an unsubscribe…good riddance.


  1. Steven says:

    WTF is right.

    Plenty of lousy stocks with great products and great stocks with lousy products.

    Not understanding that is lame.

    Of course if Dell ever hits an alltime high and makes it onto the ‘strip you will get another bunch of haters saying you sold out.

  2. Broker A says:

    People get all bitter, whenever the market takes a dump.

    You have guys losing money, angry at the Sun and bears full of hubris–out for gay revenge.

    In short, I suggest tracking these posters down and having their chest hairs punched off.

  3. Eric says:

    I am not gonna stop watching WallStrip or stop reading your blog. I really enjoy the content and opinions you provide. And I definitely don’t think Dell will be reaching any new highs anytime soon.

  4. Thomas says:

    Two questions:
    1. What does that computer do there anyway?
    2. Why oh why couldn’t you at least choose something classy like the good old HP/Lenovo?

    People who are unsubscribing because of that ugly Dell Book there probably have some serious other problems which they need to sort out first.
    Anyway. Get that Apple back!

  5. King Bear says:

    Howard I have been waiting for the Bear market to come so your Wallstrip idea can take the biggest shit ever. Your a fool for betting one strategy which is bull market ideas. Everyone knows Wallstrip stinks and if it wasn’t for Lindsay you would be nowhere.

    I am short Wallstrip and long Tim Knight.

  6. Howard Lindzon says:

    king bear – you are a putz. see ya

    Tim Knight is now off my blogroll. thx for reminding me.

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