MFW – SHOULD have been on Wallstrip

This is one show that never got made and I swear that I wanted to – MFW. The company would not let us come to their New Jersey plant. We tried.

MFW was a trend following home run for me. I entered the trade at $20 on December 14th and sold a little at $26. Today at $32 I am booking another 25 percent and will let my stops take out the rest – hopefully never.

Some stocks just don’t look back and a show today would seem old for some reason. I know a few who were long with me so enjoy but know what I am doing.

I am heading out for one of their cigarettes and a piece of licorice. I love you guys :) .

Disclosure – selling MFW

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  1. Todd says:

    My pair trade short of AXR is looking nothing less than brilliant. Shorting strength as a formula for losing money; indeed. I nailed it.

    This stock will probably see $200 before it ever sees $75. You have to love a good short squeeze …

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