Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of Grayscale Investments, Joins Me on Panic with Friends to Discuss Why Crypto is Here to Stay (EP.158)

I remember visiting Grayscale offices in New York back in the early days of the business. There were just a couple of employees inside the DCG offices and I got to know Michael who was working 24/7 doing a bit of everything as it grew.

Today Grayscale and $GBTC are massive and Michael is the CEO, taking over from the founder Barry Silbert. They have built the largest asset manager in the crypto industry.

Michael knows a lot about crypto so lean back and enjoy. You can listen here in Spotify or Apple.

If you want more details read on below…

Guest: Michael Sonnenshein

Profile: CEO of Grayscale Investments

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

What’s the Panic About:

On this week’s episode we brought on Michael Sonnenshein. He is the CEO of Grayscale Investments, a company that entered the world of crypto back in its earliest days. Starting as an account executive in 2014, Michael worked his way up under the guidance of Grayscale founder Barry Silbert and recently took the reins as their CEO earlier this year. He is an impressive, driven, and smart guy with formidable experience. Grayscale Investments is a big player in the crypto space, with the largest bitcoin investment product ($GBTC) and plans to ramp up an ETF. Grayscale is the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, which currently has $40 billion in assets under management and 14 different investment funds. They’re making crypto mainstream and helping everyday investors looking to buy Bitcoin on the stock market. In this episode, Michael and I talk about Grayscale’s success, crypto, retail investing, security, ETFs, decentralized finance, volatility, and more. Enjoy!

The Takeaway:

The crypto market is in a better place now, and it’s here to stay. He needs crashes and volatility like the ones that crypto has experienced. So it’s important to keep an open mind in this business.

Favorite Quote:

“[Crypto} is happening far faster than any of us could have ever dreamed, but it’s still exceedingly early days.”

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