Micro Deals are Tipping!

Ashkan has a good post up on why 2008 may be the year of the Micro Deal .

I am not sure how to define Micro. I will say deals under $100 million although I think big media will do thousands of deals under $40-50 million.

There is a convergence of events:

1. Web 4.48 companies do not need much capital to start. Actually when I first coined Web 4.48 in August 2006, it led to an investment in MyTrade.com that was purchased by Investools.com in a Micro Deal this December.

2. They are coming from all corners of the earth

3. They are easier to integrate than ever into the bigger media engines (at least technologically)

4. A willingness of media companies to make small bets for the leverage opportunity they could get from a small talented group of people with a product across their asset base.

5. Deals take less money because products can be launched qicker and to a wider audience so they get to a raise more money or sell decision faster.

Most importantly there is an understanding of all parties in Micro Strat-ups that they need to focus on a task or niche that gets attention…fast.