Microsoft…Can't Stop Copying

It’s pretty pathetic that all the supposedly smart minds in Seattle can’t think for themselves.

I was in the Apple store today (packed as usual and at an odd time) trying to buy Microsoft Office for a few new machines around the house and office. Of course, there was the $499 pack for old people like me and the $149 for students. Has Microsoft not figured out that old people have less money than students (subprime mortgages…helloooo). Forget that the prices should be flipped, but what’s with the confusing choices of the exact same product.

Lucky my kids are students :) , so I got the student pack.

At this point that whole pack costs them pennies. It would be bearable if they were plunging the obscene profits into great new products and design for us old, full retail paying people with Mac machines. Instead they piss their profits away on more knock off products with lame, used cliches. Joel nails it here .

Chartreuse drives the point home further .

Microsoft needs to get in the porn business to go along with the spam and pop-ups that already come with their ‘student pack’.

Until than…..Value trap!

Disclosure – Long Apple


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