Microtrends…Loved It.

I rarely read business books. They mostly suck.

Not Microtrends by Mark Penn . Read it. I am buying a bunch, actually already have, as gifts. I think this book would have been perfect if Mark went further and listed 20 stocks of each of his Microtrends that could be the benefactors. Instead, I will just slowly start thinking it through and hopefully you can all help.

The book confirms why many of the stocks I own are already cranking at all-time highs. Obviously with any set of trend stats you stand the risk of the trend ending, but nothing is perfect.

Mark uses stats and numbers as a long-time pollster and has the track record of putting his ass on the line to make me trust his numerical insights.



  1. Trader Mike says:

    I’m glad to hear that you liked it. I loaded the audio book version of it on my iPod just the other day. I hope to start “reading” it soon.

  2. Trader Mike says:

    yes you do, especially with all the travel you do. I’ve now given up on actual reading. With audio books I can “read” in the car, while doing chores around the house, on the plane with my eyes closed :-) , etc.

    I signed up with Audible.com . They make it really simple to purchase & load books to your iTunes/iPod/iPhone

  3. Trader Mike says:

    P.P.S. in answer to a question from Howie:

    you can buy audio books directly through iTunes… but it’s cheaper
    via an Audible subscription. For example, iTunes sells MicroTrends for
    $26, I got it at Audible for $15. Audible has a subscription model —
    you get 1 book per month for a $15 fee. (Gotta love those AAPL margins though!)

  4. Chris says:

    BTW: My local libraries offer free audio downloads of books as recently as the first half of 2007. I downloaded all of Elder’s books – they were okay. Check into your local sources – you’ll be amazed at what they may offer for FREE! I have downloaded 15 books over the past year for free through my library link exchange (that has to be a couple hundred $$$ in my pocket).

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