Milo Lockett – A Taste of Contemporary Argentina

I saw someone on Stocktwits share this Barron’s cover for this weekend and realized I’m rich! 

When you are rich you buy art. It’s a hedge against saving your money for the kids or giving it away. 

Ellen and I love looking for local artists when we travel internationally. As luck would have it we walked into a fantastic Italian restaurant in Buenos Aires because of the art we saw as we passed. Ellen asked for the artists name and we were told Milo Lockett. 

A quick Google gave us the location of his gallery. 

Today we treated ourselves to a bunch of his work. He’s fantastic. He’s also prolific as an artist which I love. 

Here is one of the pieces that we will hang:

Back to Barron’s … their covers tell you so much about mood and markets. 

We basically hit Dow 20,000 this past week. I would have appreciated if they had gotten me ready for Dow 20,000 at Dow 15,000 but at the time they were telling me that Facebook would be $15 and Alibaba would be in the 50’s. 

Best you can already afford art before you spend money on Barron’s.