Missed It By That Much…

In 2008, I invested in Tweetdeck, Betaworks, Bitly and started Stocktwits, thinking Twitter would rule the world because of the real time web.

Today, Twitter continues to slow down the real-time web and charge the wrong people for the wrong product.

I would pay for old 2010 chronological Twitter, ‘fail whale’ and all.

I do not think premium moves the stock up. It will piss off Hootsuite and anyone else left in the developer ecosystem, but Twitter has always pissed off their ecosystem.

Twitter needs a ‘hail mary’ to get the stock going. Luckily for them the perfect play is the most native to the original product.

Twitter is the news. It is the new ‘ticker tape’.

In 1999, half of the people trading stocks were on Yahoo Finance looking at 15 minute delayed quotes from the Nasdaq, while day trading eTrade and Yahoo stock.

Surely, Twitter could slow the one true ‘real time’ chronological stream 15 seconds and change stock markets and futures markets forever.

Nobody would notice other than the people that care the most, who also happen to be the people that would pay the most…Wall Street, Bloomberg, Reuters, Goldman, and the Newswire services.

It’s why they play the game I guess…

Update – This piece from The Verge ‘Twitter is Being Unbundled‘ is a good read, but they too fail to mention all Twitter NEEDS to do is focus on chronological and markets.