Mobile Mania with Michael Parekh…Apple $AAPL Makes me go Woo!

Michael Parekh knows mobile. In the 90’s re ran Goldman’s tech/web research at the dawn of the internet era. In 2002, he started investing for himself.

Michael has been making mobile investments since 2002 and through it all and at the end of this video, the Company that has made him go WOO – is Apple.

Lately, it’s the IPad and MacAir and the new App interface and always on button. Mike tells us that the iPhone is the worst named product of the last 20 years and we are early in the mobile sector as he did a year ago on my show.

In this video we riff on a myriad of other subjects including China/America, start-up funding and Stocktwits.

Michael’s passion, energy and understanding of massive trends/economics for all classes of citizens makes this full video worth a watch if you invest in any of these sectors.


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  2. DrZootch says:

    Am writing a grant for my school for ipads to help develop writing skills. Please let us know what it is about the ipad from your perspective that encourages you to write. May I quote you?

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