Modern Thinking and Investing and Jim O’Shaughnessy Joins Me Again On Panic With Friends

I got this message from a Stocktwits user Matt yesterday and it stuck with me:

I love the markets.

I love technology.

I love all things modern (B&B Italia, LULU Lemon, Restoration Hardware, contemporary art) so it is nice to hear my thinking and strategy is modern.

Rachel starts to work next month at Rally Rd for her first job post college. She is 22 years old and already a modern investor with a Coinbase account, a Robinhood account and helping Rally acquire and IPO rare assets like Birkin Bags.

Just this week I ordered the book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and asked my son Max to read it.

Max chose the modern way to read the book by ‘listening’ to it on Spotify while he drove back to Phoenix.

I would like to think that my modern way of doing things is really just packaging and style.

Speaking of modern and style, Jim O’Shaughnessy joined me again on ‘Panic With Friends‘. He was my first guest on the podcast back in March. The $VIX was closing in on $90. Today the $VIX is down to $30 and the panic is more like FOMO.

We talk about FOMO and how quant investing is anti narrative, Jim’s change of heart re ‘guaranteed basic income’, how the next generation might spike the ball on Vanguard, how owning 500 stocks is dumb, the importance of situational awareness, his new podcast ‘Infinite Loops’ and the game of ‘Risk’ applied to markets and investing.

You can listen here on Spotify (please subscribe), or on Apple podcasts (just search my name).

PS – Here is the first podcast I did with Jim back in March.