Moderna…The Trillion Dollar Biotechnology Company?

I am fascinated by the speed at which Moderna has become a $100 billion company…a biotech one at that. Today the valuation surged again to close at $125 billion. They were founded in 2010.

I believe Amgen ($AMGN) is the largest biotech company today at $140 billon. They were founded in 1980.

Amgen sales last year were $20 billion and Moderna $800 million.

I was geeking out on Koyfin to help get my head around the growth and context to compare the companies but I gave up.

The market believes Moderna is the future. Bloomberg had a quick piece about what is next for Moderna.

Here are a couple of charts that I clipped to give you a feel for the speed of Moderna’s stock and market cap growth…


Amgen is no slouch themselves.

What a time to be alive and an investor…