Momentum Friday…Fashology, Mobile Payments and Biotech

Ivan teaches me things all the time. This week he pointed out his homeland’s (Bulgaria) refusal to deport jews to the concentration camps in World War 2. I knew there was a deeper reason I trusted him from day one.

There are four major themes that currently capture my interest as an investor:

1) Fashiology: technology meets fashion, where I believe companies like $NKE, $UA, $LULU and $AAPL will dominate. 3D-Printing will be huge and $DDD is a major way the institutions will/have to track it.

2) Mobile Payments – $SQUARE is private. $INTU is the closest direct way to ride the trend. $EBAY and $PAY are distant second. $V and $MA are huge beneficiaries too.

3) Biotech- $IBB is near all-time highs and a lot of the better setups on the StockTwits 50 list are currently from the sector.

4) Software – Intuit is here again and it also dominates a third dimension of growth (SMB’s). I also own $MANH $TIBX $ARBA $CSOD $AZPN as I continue to blieve the dips will be bought here with Warren Buffett owning IBM.

Enjoy the show and Happy Easter/Passover!

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  1. I think intuit is a really good company the service that you get is excellent. Their a company that encourages their subscribers to do a lot of the work on a website themself. Saving the customer lots of money in the process.

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