Momentum Monday (09/12/11)…Why Visibility is Dead and Why Apple and Amazon Love it!

I’m shedding the pounds and looking tanned, but like the markets, my weight is volatile.  I will never give up the double stuff oreos.

It’s been a few weeks since I have wanted to do a ‘Momentum Monday’ but we are at a critical juncture in the markets.  I feel we will go lower, maybe much lower, but I am prepared to get long because I am bullish on companies that are doing well, that have survvived and thrived through the stagflation since 2008. There are a LOT of them.

In 2008, Soren Macbeth who co-founded Stocktwits with me drew up a ‘Map of the Financial System’.  It hangs in my office with all my favorite artwork and is a masterpiece.


If you own a financial company or invest to diversify in ETF’s, this is what you own.  Pleasing Wall Street and finding ways to ‘beat the street’ by a penny is very 2008.

Social Networks are the ULTIMATE disruptor because they have destroyed visibility.  You better be long-term great.  While nobody or no company is squeaky clean in the era of the ‘social web’, you better have a good soul.

In minute 9 I go on a rant about $AMZN and $AAPL and how management has thrown visibility out the door for long-term domination.   The next 20 years will be dominated by companies that do this.

Ivan and I also chat up how smart it is to do less in this deranged tape a la this genius post via @jfahmy, European banks, review the $SPY and individual stocks like $P, $YNDX, $AMZN, $GMCR, $GLD, $GDX, $LNKD and much more.

Watch it…

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