Momentum Monday…A Pause That Refreshes?

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Happy Monday everyone.

It seemed too good to be true last week in my world of ‘momentum’ and a lot of really good looking ideas have paused and in some cases quickly reversed. Logistic stocks never followed through, biotech stocks are reversing back into bases and my Nasdaq idea is down quickly.

It happens.

I love making the show each week with Ivan so I can focus on the work. The work of looking at . prices and sectors and talking through ideas with another professional like Ivan. The work holds us accountable (even if the audience was just one person) and helps us keep our portfolio’s tidy.

Today, Fred has a great post titled ‘creative prompts‘ which fits well with why I write and do the weekly show. If it works for the best like Fred Wilson, Howard Stern and Paul McCartney, it should work for you. Just make the time and don’t worry about the ‘who’ is reading/watching/listening and ‘how many’. It is the process that leads to growth.

Here is this week’s episode. I hope you enjoy.

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