Momentum Monday – All News Is Good News and The Kominsky Method

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Last November and December all news was bad news for stocks.

This year all news is good news.

Last year it was hold your nose and buy the dips. Apple was headed to $140 by January of this year and the media thought it was getting much worse.

This year, you get to buy ‘noise cancelling’ airpods to block out all the nonsense and ride the stock through Christmas.

In the spirt of nobody knowns what will happen next, Ivanhoff and I present this weeks Momentum Monday which you can watch by clicking here.

There are a lot of ideas that Ivan and I go through, but some of the key takeaways include:

The breakout in $IHI (Medical Devices) which is an 8-80 list stock of mine.

The strength in volatile genetic stocks – the two current leaders look to be $NBIX and $CRSP – both on my watchlist. I think these are more buy the dips than buy the strength.

Select security stocks are back in vogue and breaking out including $FTNT and $PANW.

Disney+ is better at distribution and marketing than we gave them credit for with their initial subscribers crushing estimates. I do think reality settles in for the stock until new content starts showing up in size. In the meantime, Netflix may catch a break as there is plenty of new content including the Crown Season 3 which is great. I also really loved Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas in the Kominsky Method. Sadly my 54 year old body relates way to well to their 80 year old bodies.

The theme in 2019 has been keep it simple. The S&P just continues to crush hedge funds and stock pickers. In a year where market cap leaders Walmart, Microsoft, Apple and JP Morgan are leading us higher, it is no wonder.

PS – Yesterday I mentioned Restoration Hardware ($RH) as a potential fashology stock I wanted to own at some point again. I missed the news that old man Warren Buffett announced a 6 percent stake in the company …no wonder the stock has had very shallow dips the last few months. I think the vision and execution of Restoration Hardware have been incredible. Now with Warren’s blessing of financials, the stock should be less volatile. For years I have been reading that Wayfair ($W) will be the Amazon of furniture. I never bought into that idea as furniture is such a complicated category for supply chain and taste changes/fashion. It will be interesting to see the future divergences between the two stocks.