Momentum Monday – Ample Liquidity?

Last night I fell asleep watching ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’. Pretty funny show. When my prostate woke me up this morning, I went to pee and my left Airpod fell in the toilet. Note to self, wear the large Bose headphones to bed if you take an Ambien.

I am not sure of proper AirPod protocol once one drops in pee. I will probably just gift them to Max and buy a new pair.

Ok onwards…

Because I myself am in the middle of a trade and watching the markets so closely, Ivanhoff and I decided to do ‘Momentum Monday’ a day earlier.

Ivanhoff is in Bulgaria and also following closely. He has not been shy about shorting stocks the last few months and has really been ringing the register.

Together we tour the wreckage and while we don’t find much to get excited about, we each have our plan.

Click HERE for the episode:

As I mentioned in last week’s Momentum Monday:

It seems like the last recognizable stocks standing are Twilio (I am long) and Microsoft. The thing about bear markets though is the sellers come for everything. We are in one of those rare market moments when all the momentum is to the downside.

A panic – I call it a woosh – is in process.

The panic we are seeing in the markets pales in comparison to the panic in The White House.

Fat Nixon knows that he has NO chance being re-elected if the US stock market continues to shit the bed in 2019. He will soon find out how little control he actually has.

This morning he dispatched the asshat Treasury Secretary ‘Munchy’ Mnuchin to fix things.

Mnuchin called the CEO’s of all the banks to reassure (just him it seems) that the banks have ‘ample liquidity’ …because you know how much you can trust the CEO’s of Goldman, Wells Fargo, Shittybank and JP Morgan.

Ok listen up…NOBODY hates the banks more than me.

That said, this current crisis of confidence and crash in the markets has nothing to do with the banks…so far.

Merry Christmas and pass the soup!

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