Momentum Monday – Apple Dip Buyers Missing the Mojo and Bank of Columbia is ‘Too Big to Blow’

All eyes are on $AAPL as it tumbles below $500 and down 30 percent from it’s all-time highs. The dip buyers are in and are missing the real meat of the market move. This is happening as Apple is about to report their best profits in history. The market is rarely about one stock.

Transports are running to major highs, banks around the globe are running (yes Bank of Columbia is white hot :) ….even mainland Europe has been running higher.

Hedge funds are borrowing money at a record pace to put to work in the stock markets. It’s called ‘I can’t underperform again itis’.

What is interesting about the smartphone and tablet battle is how Qualcomm and $ARMH are rising despite the Google and Apple war. It’s good to see. Congrats to those that recognized their growth stretching beyond the pull of Google and Apple. If Tablet and Smartphone growth continue, I willkeep an eye for this

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