Momentum Monday – Big Week for Technology Company Earnings

Every Monday I share the video Ivanhoff and I put together on Sundays to get us ready for the week. Here is this week’s tour.

As I mentioned last week, I remain constructive based on the rotation (money staying in the market).

We did not talk about Gold, Silver, Bitcoin or Ethereum, but they define momentum right now. We do talk about the weakness in the dollar and how that might continue to help emerging markets.

My friend John Street Capital did a great job summarizing the macro backdrop and gave a good take on Bitcoin and gold last month that is quickly playing out right now. Have a read.

I am the old man rooting for the American economy and for every town to be Coronado, but that is a fantasy at the moment. The great ‘re-opening’ seems farther off than ever but the stock market is doing a great job confusing the people trying to match the two. The greatest ‘wall of worry‘ is being climbed while the scariest list of page 10 news headed to page 1 piles up. Best not watch the news if you want to stay invested.

Have a great week.

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