Momentum Monday – Brace Yourself…But For Now The Rotation is Real

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HERE is this weeks Momentum Monday episode to watch and or listen on YouTube (if you watch you get the charts and better context):

In the episode I go through my largest positions and it looks like I will have to be patient as my technology focused portfolio rests.

There is no doubt in my mind that 2020 has been the craziest market I have been involved in and with two months until the election I can only imagine things get more volatile. The numbers back me up:

That said, nobody knows and right now, money is not moving out of the markets, just out of technology leaders into homebuilders, basic materials and some cyclical names.

Biotechs as an index have struggled the last few months, BUT bigly deals are getting done so the speculators are not going to take theitr money and just go home…

Rates are low and money is being printed and the promises (lies) are flying. Mostly though, people are underinvested and angry the market is going up without them. The ‘wall of worry’ is being climbed.

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