Momentum Monday…Enjoy the Gains…Keep an Eye on Page 10

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It seems obvious, to the markets at least, that the digital economy will survive whatever COVID has to throw at humans.

There is nothing on the first 10 pages of the news that has the markets worried.

Last week it was more of the same…biotechs and software stocks hitting more highs. This weekend, Warren Buffett woke from his long slumber and spent $10 billion on some energy assets so the bears will freak out and buy stocks this morning.

A game of chicken is taking place as the Chinese government is buying Chinese stocks and US government is buying US stocks. Sometimes it’s that simple and stupid.

The largest Chinese stocks are on the verge of all time highs (Alibaba) or at all-time highs (Tencent).

I have no idea what makes the markets freak out at this point.

I continue to ride trends but also consider this environment ‘frothy’.

As always, Ivanhoff and I covered the stocks we own and are watching in this weeks Momentum Monday. You can watch it here.

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