Momentum Monday – Everyone and Everything Is High

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Happy Monday.

The stock markets are closed today, but not the crypto markets.

As always, Ivanhoff and I did our weekly Momentum Monday. For the first time in a long time, we had a guest. Brian Lund joined us and shared some great insights and ideas. Brian writes one of my favorite weekly market letters called ‘The Lund Loop‘.

Here is this week’s episode. I also have clipped it below in the blog:

Everything I like has been working. Two new ideas I shared are $EBAY and Goldmam’s Sack ($GS) which seem to be setting up for big runs right at all-time highs.

Some more momentum thoughts…

Here is the weekly Stocktwits 25…where I start my momentum work each week. It is free if you sign up.

We now do a Stocktwits 25 for India as well.

This week we just saw the most the most amount of new 52-week highs in the history of the Nasdaq. The most ever.

The $VIX is under 20 and at the lowest levels since before the COVID lockdown. Do not shoot the messenger.


It was a wild week in Cannabis and Todd explains it.

People are scared quickly – which continues to be good for stocks.

The insider selling in small caps is raging…which is not something you want to see with the small caps so extended from their 200 day moving average. I expect a sharp pullback in this sector, but the animal spirits are hard to time.
breadth rolloing over…kleep an eye

I think the best ‘bear’ case is that rising inflation will force feds hand to raise rates.

I hope this helps get your week of trading and investing off to a good start.

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