Momentum Monday – Everyone Back In The Stocks Pool?

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Weekends are a very important time for me to catch up on markets. I like seeing weekly charts and not having the distractions of the work week to digest the prices.

Ivanhoff and I have started to make our Momentum Monday shows on Sunday in the spirit of being ready for the week and I like the subtle change.

I will get right to this weeks episode, which is a great one if I do say so myself. There are a lot of interesting setups (outside of just software) from healthcare to old economy stocks and biotech.

Click here to watch it.

At this point, December never mattered if you were off the grid. Stocks have gone from ‘just shred the December statement’ into ‘checking my statement every hour’.

The Dow is up 11.4% in 2019 with 27 out of 30 members positive. Boeing leading all Dow stocks at +30% YTD and another all-time high.

The biggest change for now seems to be the move away from FAANG to smaller stocks and old economy drug, energy and industrial stocks.

This equal weighted chart of the Nasdaq 100 shows how much broader this rally is becoming over just the same old FAANG of 2012-2018…

Before you get too excited and chase every idea in today’s episode, take a look at how other years with great starts have ended.

I am off to New York today but will end the week skiing with my ‘charting pals‘ in Breckenridge.

Have a great week.