Momentum Monday….Everyone Picks on Apple and More on IPO’s

As a follow up on yesterday’s IPO blog post of mine, today Recode was out with a story that $SLACK and $AIRBNB might do direct listings. The groundwork/roadmap from Spotify’s genius CFO has been laid.


It sure does feel like the era of the BTFD (Buy the F**king Dip) is behind us.

The HODLR’s have been destroyed in crypto and the FAANGS have now lost $1 trillion in value.

Today just FIVE stocks hit all-time highs and three were utility stocks. Gold bulls have emerged from the darkness as they always do when the markets correct.

Now comes patience.

If a bear market is at hand, we have been warned by the price action.

Stocks act much differently in bear markets. Even small positions can quickly turn into huge unrealized losses. Your conviction will get tested in even your best ideas.

Today’s Momentum Monday episode covers all of this and more as Ivanhoff and I look to find the next leaders. Here is today’s episode:

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PS – Stocktwits launched a great Room for offering your best ideas for 2019. There will be thousands of people’s best ideas shared over the next month and it’s easy to participate and also skim.

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