Momentum Monday…Good News and Bad News… and All-Time Highs in ‘I Told You So’

I will get right to today’s episode (click here or embed below). Ivanhoff and I take a look at what is working, some new ideas and our list of leading stocks:

The good news is risk appetite is still high. The bad news is that if you own the wrong assets right now, life sucks. Chinese internet stocks are in crash mode. Turkey is almost zero…6 more days at this pace:

The US dollar is super strong which is creating a mess in emerging markets. If the energy experts I follow are correct and the USA is mostly energy independent by 2020, the US dollar could get much stronger.

Housing stocks remain a mess. I brought that up here a few months ago and technically, things have deteriorated. I personally think home prices are mostly insane, but that and a nickel…

The cryptocurrency markets are in complete crash mode and Bitcoin is now 55 percent of the total market cap of the crypto industry. That is just not a healthy balance. I am witnessing an all-time high in ‘I Told You So’ on crypto Twitter which could mean a short term bounce is in order.

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I hope you enjoy today’s episode.