Momentum Monday – Google, With a small side of Apple and Yelp

Ivan and I are hard at work figuring out the right home and style for ‘Momentum Monday’ as we try to take up the presentation a notch.. I love the set we now have but there is still lot’s to do to get comfortable around the length of time, the amount of stocks we should cover (please chime in below on the comments). The last few months have been dominated by both $AAPL $GOOG and $AMZN as price leaders…today I mostly look at $GOOG.

I have been blogging and using Stocktwits to outline my long position in $GOOG the last 2 months. On August, 20, when it passed $670 I wrote that the next $100 points would be up. Yesterday we closed on the first 80 points of them and I took partial profits (noted on the stream).

Google is now at all-time highs. They have done this in the background as media has focused on the death of ‘Search’, the $GRPN crash, the $ZNGA implosion, the Faceplant and with $AAPL denying them map love.

If you own Google, this is the kind of negative or inattention you should love. Google is on very few buy lists. In fact, it is on a few old school ‘Buy’ lists from Wall Street that finally got one right, but NO ONE reads those with the intention of actually purchasing anymore. It has been the perfect storm/backdrop for a massive run.

Now that the stock has run straight up for a 40 percent gain, I decided to take some profits yesterday in the stream. If it continues to rise I will own some and if it pulls back 10-15 percent I can look at adding again.The $GOOG all-time highs comes after 5 years of wandering. Today though, Google is Google is earning nearly 3X more money than 2007.

It looks like Google and Apple will continue to clash at all levels of product. The user has mostly won. That’s been great. The Google Map withdrawl is a major break in the user win scenario and so we have to watch closely to see how this continues.

Ivan dives a bit into $YELP which is his favorite new product to come along with Apple’s new iOs. Ivan believes $Yelp is at the intersection of mobile, local and social, the perfect spot for garnering a high valuation at the moment, but one that we both feel won’t last long if they can’t deliver greater profits or a clear path to them.

Enjoy the video