Momentum Monday….Google Hangout Style

Who would’ve thought that Google Hangouts would be so cool and useful. I think Google should spin it out of Google+, buy Twitter and it is game, set and match for them in social media.

Back in the stock market realm, things are not so rosy. Dr. Phil Pearlman chimes in from somewhere in Canada and says that the current “panicky” market provides a great opportunity to sell premium in stocks you want to own. I tend to agree with him, but make sure you don’t use margin, because things could get a lot worse, before they get any better. I love doing shows with Phil. It’s a phenomenon called ‘relative hairline strength’..

Ivan also joins with a few stock ideas and a dissection of the current market sentiment.

Momentum is like water. It flows, but it never actually disappears. While banks and coal stocks can’t find a bottom, business software has never been so hot. The many acquisitions in the field over the past few years have created a protective floor for the stocks for the time being. From $RNOW and $ARBA to the latest example – Buddy Media. Tech companies are swimming in cash, interest rates are super low and hiring is best done through acquisitions.

Like water, the money will flow elsewhere eventually, but I won’t try and predict it.