Momentum Monday – I Wish I was a Stockbroker

The markets work in mysterious ways.

This wall of worry the market has climbed in 2018 is legendary. It might be the greatest and biggest wall of worry ever seen. The hilarity is, Fat Nixon is trying to build a real wall, but his greatest accomplishment is the wall of worry he has handed investors that have tuned out the noise.

Everybody is in passive investments because you know Wall Street can’t be trusted.

On this ten year anniversary of the death of Lehman, nobody really cares about stocks and that’s a good thing for people that like to own stocks.

Nobody has a stockbroker. Your stockbroker if he/she still has a job, changed their title to ‘wealth manager’ and sells insurance at the moment so they can make a living.

The thing is, the game may be rigged, but people still want to play the game.

With all that in mind…it remains nirvana for individual stocks.

In today’s episode, I pitch Ivanhoff a few new ideas and we tour the sectors (with lot’s of individual names) that are working best.

In order of discussion:

Guns and drones
Enterprise Software
China Internet and Bitcoin – the only two areas that are not working
Transportation and Logistics

Hope you enjoy the episode – (click here to watch):

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