Momentum Monday – Inflation Still Rules And So Do Commodities and Metals

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Happy Monday everyone.

I did not watch yesterday’s Academy Awards but from watching the highlights it looks like Chris Rock’s ex wife was the big winner.

As for the markets, tech stocks continue to bounce led by Bitcoin, crypto and select semiconductors, but the big story remains commodities and metals incredible bull run.

I’ll get straight to this week’s video in which Ivanhoff and tour the markets and discuss the momentum. You can watch/listen on Youtube and I have embedded the video below on my blog below:

Coal, copper, natural gas, oil and agriculture stocks continue to have any dips bought.

I am following all the ETF’s and they look like growth tech stock charts of 2020. I have been sharing the Stocktwits 25 lists every week (you can sign up and get the lists weekly for free) and for months the lists have ben dominated by commodities and metals stocks. If you need to know where the strength is, follow some of these companies/tickers.

Here are Ivanhoff’s thoughts.

JC at All Star Charts summarizes where the winners are in 2022 with this simple chart – Latin America and Energy:

I liked this piece from Rotation report.

As for tech stocks?

If you must look for bright spots, sentiment is one. It is horrible.

This technical price action signal does not have many data points, but has indicated other bottoms.

I have missed a lot of growth the last 15 months as I keep higher cash and no exposure to commodities and metals but the cash has been much better than bonds which are off to their worst start in history…

Have a great week.

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