Momentum Monday…Is It Google Time?

Welcome to Momentum Monday. This week I changed things up by talking an Ambien before the show. I think the only side effect was calling Ivanhoff, Ivankahoff. I will let you all decide.

Here is the episode (sponsored my Marketsmith) and you can watch or listen to here.

The Nasdaq 100 is back at all-time highs led by Microsoft, not FAANG stocks.

Google is the closest to all time highs in the FAANG stocks, just a few breaths away.

I remember being a few breaths away from selling my long term position back in December as the stock was breaking down below $1,000/share.

People ask me all the time about the mechanics of how I sell and why I sell. If I have held stocks with big profits a long time like like Apple, Google, Amazon, Twilio, Shopify and Nike currently, I have generally sold down 60-70 percent of the original position along the way and can leave a wide range for the remaining position.

That last piece will be sold mainly for fundamental reasons not technical ones.

I have no idea how to value companies like Google. The good news is NOBODY does. The more that try, the more that get made to look silly.

It is why I came up with my 8 to 80 list of companies in the first place.

As I have repeated here over the years, just Search, Maps and YouTube are a trifecta of cash flow that allow Google to invest in the future in people, product and projects that Wall Street is not set up to measure.

Have a great Tuesday.

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