Momentum Monday….Let’s Travel?

I had a nice little break to start the year and am excited to get back to work. I got in 100 miles on the bike to get the year going strong.

My January ‘to do’ list is full up so I needed the downtime.

This is the first Monday of the new year and that means the first Momentum Monday of the year.

Of course Ivanhoff and I chatted about Bitcoin, but what caught my eye this week were the software/marketplace travel stocks.

Expedia is on the verge of breaking out. is back at all time highs and even Live Nation is back at all-time highs.

The best of travel ‘destinations’ Disney is also at all-time highs.

I won’t comment on the valuations, or when this virus is behind us, but the market seems to be speaking…possibly shouting… that the roaring post pandemic world will be fantastic (and upon us) for these travel and entertainment companies (I do not own any of these at the moment).

The other big topic of our show this week is the continued rotation which is keeping the froth contained.

Here is this weeks episode – please subscribe to it on YouTube. I have also embedded the show below:

Ivanhoff’s thoughts on the week in momentum are here.


I continue to enjoy Aaron’s @atmchartsRotation Report‘ which offers me a quick good look at a broader range of markets. It is free too. This week he outlined travel, Latin American and agriculture stocks, but also felt the Global Equity markets were in a good spot still.

Israel is breaking out to all-time highs. It is a center for biotechnology, security software and supposedly months ahead of the US in deploying the vaccine to citizens.

I really enjoyed the year end ‘Happy Hours For Traders‘ that had a few interesting stock picks. JC’s $GMED pick was the one that I put on my watchlist.

Here is the Stocktwits Weekend Top 25.

Here are the BEST stocks of the past year. Take some time to scan the list and you will be amazed how few companies you have ever heard of. As I have been saying for months, this is no longer a FAANG market. The unbundling post COVID makes checking the 52 week and all-time high list weekly and monthly super important if you want outsized gains.

Charlie sums up the last 10 years in asset classes and ponders the next 10 years.

Last but not least, Gavin Baker ( a must follow) has an excellent Twitter thread on why he’s a bit worried to start January.

PS – It was nice to make Investopeadia’s list of top ten business podcasts for 2020. Lists don’t really matter, but who I am on this with is makes it cool.

PPS – My friend Om’s piece on his ‘Unusual Year of Solitude‘ was excellent. Have a read.