Momentum Monday….Netflix and my Cholesterol Hitting All-Time Highs

It’s Monday so as usual of late Ivan and I were making a ‘Momentum Monday’ video.

But first, I got a mostly clean bill of health from my doctor today.

I joked earlier on Twitter today:

It was cool to have a doctor that traded stocks…but today he read me my cholesterol numbers and said he was bearish on me hitting 60.

I am a reformed hypocondriac (I spelt it correctly on my first attempt yet I still can’t figure out how to use ‘then or than’ in a sentence properly).

Into my 30’s if even a fart smelt different than normal I checked myself into Mayo clinic for a week of testing.

Now, I go for a blood test at best once a year. In fact, I just had my first blood test in over a year and the doctor left me a message to call the office for the results. I finally called back and told the assistant to be gentle because I was having a bad day (I wasn’t) and speeding down Camelback while texting so I was not in the mood for bad news. To her credit she just laughed.

The news is at is has always been. My cholesterol is high (I can’t remember which one as it seems every year they add two or three types to confuse me…it’s almost as if Credit Suisse might be behind the cholesterol lobby).

I celebrated the new lease on life with my favorite wings, pizza (roasted corn) and chocolate chip cookies at Le Grande Orange.

Now to the markets and the rest of Momentum Monday…

My friends at Investors Business Daily have been asking me to use Marketsmith charts in our show. They are BY FAR, the best charts in the business, so we tried them out and I hope people like them in this format. I love seeing ‘Relative Strength’ and the growth metrics of the companies I follow inside the charts and so I hope they are helpful to you as well.

Netflix continues to be the stock of the year. After hours it’s trading up at all-time highs on their reported numbers.

It’s fitting that last night John Oliver mailed a Russel Crowe leather crotch pad to the last remaining Blockbuster (a franchisee) in Alaska.

For Netflix it is indeed ‘Mission Accomplished’.

As for the rest of the world of momentum, Ivan and I take a tour around the markets for 15 minutes and cover stocks on our radar.

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