Momentum Monday…Netflix is Dead AND Apple is The Market’s Doctor

NOTE – NOTHING MATTERS TUESDAY other than $AAPL reports after the market close. I will be live at 4-15 est using Here is the link.

I spent most of today at the skin doctor. It is amazing what they can do with needles, numbing agents and lasers to clean up time and the sun. I am grateful.

Back to business…it is ‘Momentum Monday’ on this blog and there is plenty of things to talk about. It’s worth watching my show to hear Ivan say ‘shitcanned’ in the same sentence as Netflix.

Yes, Netflix $NFLX is cooked and has been so for months, while $AAPL is the market’s doctor that has all the answers (revenue, margin and profit growth). $LULU owns lifestyle for ladies and Under Armor $UA owns the sweaty cheap men and the women that like buying gear for them. Biotech continues to show leadership if you can live with the volatility.


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  2. Erod1944j says:

    Your audio is so low that I have to hold my smartphone next to my ear on max volume and still have to struggle to hear the broadcast.

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