Momentum Monday – Obama is Day Trading Apple…Jeff Bezos is Day Trading the US government and PayPal (EBAY) hits Seven Year Highs and Why it’s Cool to 3D print Dollar Bills and Guns

I can’t prove Obama is day trading $AAPL, but in the 10 trading days since Obama was reelected Apple has moved more than 30 percent.

I am pretty sure Steve Jobs has not died again or been reborn in that span of time.

In the end, no real charts were broken, Thanksgiving was huge (always is) and Christmas is coming. There is NO huge Apple story. They continue to crush it. Retail is a monster. If you were panicked for the death of America post Obama 2, consider yourself lucky and now ahead of the game in Apple.

As I discuss at length in the show…the shareholder base has turned over pretty hard. It was some real panic selling and this week a relief of that as new buyers feel it out.

The real story in technology is e-Commerce with $AMZN and $EBAY and 3D printing.

I own all these stocks and themes but I am not alone. While Amazon continues to digest its unfathomable valuation metrics, they went out and raised $3 billion at an interest rate of almost zero. If you listen closely to that thought, you can hear the emails of stagnant e-commerce startup employees as they wonder if working at Amazon is bad for their resume.

While the geeks and VC’s talk about payment disruptors STRIPE, Square and Dwolla…the momentum investors pile into Visa, Mastercard and now $EBAY (Paypal) as payment proxies.

While I can’t get my 2d printer to work….EVER….3D printers will allow me to print the perfect 2D printer.

The markets are all connected…you get my drift….watch the show.

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