Momentum Monday…Quatro Style

Every time I feel disconnected from the markets, I like to catch up with guys that live and breath with them 24/7. Today I present you the first half of the Octabox. Sean Mc..something, who is StockTwits excellent curator behind the scenes, joins from Chicago. Greg Harmon shows up looking like Grizzly Adams and a younger version of Ben Bernanke and talks about his approach to the current market. Ivan also dials in from a place that looks, sounds and smells like Spain.

The Vix in Spain and Italy continues to be 10 despite the ton of digital ink spilled over their debt issues. It is always 10. It never changes. They love to live and occasionally ask for a few billion dollars to recapitalize their pizzerias. Sometimes I think we worry too much. We have taken by heart the phrase “only the paranoid survive” and worry about everything. Maybe this is why the all-time high list is littered with biotech and healthcare services names. We talk about stocks that stand out in this sector.

We also delve into the wonder world of high-tech apparel, discuss the role of Under Armor $UA and Nike $NKE and the potential for their stocks.

I am somehow cautiously optimistic, but still sitting on my hands in terms of new buys.