Momentum Monday – Records are Made to Be Broken

Money continues to pile out of active investing, but it is individual stocks that continue to blast off all over the place.

Before I get to this week’s episode some backdrop on the relentless boom we are witnessing…

The Nasdaq 100 has closed above its 200 DMA for 516 consecutive trading days. That is by far the longest streak since the index began in 1985.

The S&P 500 ETF (total return) has not closed below its 200-day moving average in over 2 years. 5 more days for the record.

This is the Cal Ripken of booms.

Tonight, Google reported earnings that pleased the gods. It gapped up a mere $50 billion (1.5 Twitter’s) in the after hours to more all-time highs. All of a sudden they could win the race to $1 trillion.

My friend Brian Norgard coined ‘Google Maps is air‘ back at Stocktoberfest earlier this year. India, Indonesia and Nigeria are now in full agreement:

In this week’s episode Ivanhoff and I discuss the $GOOG in greater detail and cover A LOT of new ideas (you have to watch to get them):

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