Momentum Monday – Stock Market Hits All-Time Highs As Nancy Pelosi Creeps Closer To Presidency

I love owning my blog. I can make up whatever headline I want regarding the markets and it is likely to be closer to the truth than any in financial media.

NOBODY knows why the market is at all-time highs. I do know that when I was buying last November and December and becoming the Apple fund as the government shut down and Orange Julius was in meltdown number 700, I liked my odds of higher prices a year out.

I does help that Colonel Klink has spent $3 trillion on a base of $20 trillion over three years as President and he picked a Fed chair that could be whipped and bullied.

I have no idea what happens next, but this piece of data from Sentiment Trader was interesting:

Some other relevant stats and thoughts on the current market…

Software was eating the world for the last decade until this past summer. It’s been a different story the last three months.

biology is eating the world is the new ‘software is eating the world, according to A16z founded by Marc Andreesen who gave us the term ‘software is eating the world’.

Amgen, one of the largest biotechs has busted through to all-time highs. Have a look at the stock since the 1980’s:

Remember all that ‘inverted yield curve’ chatter over the summer….well that’s gone now too. .

The Dow is on the verge of all time highs. Apple, Microsoft, JP Morgan, WalMart and Procter and Gamble continue to lead the Dow.

On a broader level, the Russell 3000 is back at all-time highs.

Being invested is what continues to matter in a low interest rate, easy money world.

Let’s continue to try and enjoy it while it lasts.