Momentum Monday – Stock Pickers Having Fun

It looks like a quiet open to the markets this week in the USA. It is the last big week of earnings with hundreds of companies reporting.

The same can’t be said for China.

Good luck leaving:

As always, Ivanhoff and I took a tour of the markets to see where the money was flowing and which trends are starting, ending and holding up best. We each shared a few new ideas and follow-ups as usual.

You can watch/listen right here.

Last week all eyes were on Tesla. This week, we will see if the parabolic rise was the beginning of the end for the stock run. Andrew Thrasher ran a historical data study to ask the question – ‘has Tesla peaked’

Mike Santoli looked at some other wild single stock spikes to see if that meant a market peak was imminent. It was inconclusive.

Charlie B shared his 5 charts of the week that offer a good high level summary of what went on.

Have a great week.

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