Momentum Monday – Stocks Continue To Break Out Celebrating a Mike Bloomberg Presidency

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I am heading back to New York this morning after a thrilling week in Israel.

The markets had a great week too.

I have no idea if my headline above is why the stock market continues to trend higher, but it is as good a guess as anyone else in media.

Here were my thoughts in last week’s Momentum Monday post.

Let us keep enjoying this while it lasts.

I added to my Google position this week on the break to all-time highs and Apple had another great week. The Airpod Pros will be the big Christmas gift and the stock should continue to lead tthe market. The market is in the middle of repricing Apple as a services company, but the watch and the Airpod Pros will likely bring some surprises to the upside for them.

Underneath all the political fighting and bullshit in our governments around the world as well as the sloppy investing by late stage funds like Softbank (via Saudi Arabia), investing at the ground level keeps on trucking.

There are now more than 900 Micro VC’s.

Life is good if you are street level and have a great network.

Because life is good for Micro VC’s, I think life will continue being good long term for the technology sector and the buy the dip crowd.

Nasdaq 10,000 is back in sight.