Momentum Monday…The Facebook IPO…What a Market Top Looks Like Part 3

My first worries about this current market run and potential ‘Top’ began in February. I followed up in April when I sold the last of my $AAPL. Today when I check the quotes of the stocks I own, I expect them to be down 20 percent because of Greece. It’s all part of the business of investing.

What really changes when Facebook goes public this Thursday?

For one, with the Facebook $FB IPO, there will be less secrets in social. There will be more hype about ‘data’ as a business model. There will be way more pressure on companies to explain their mobile monetization strategies.

Like good and bad ‘naked’ (Seinfeld), there will be good and bad ‘social’.

If Greece implodes, Facebook and Apple won’t be dead, but they will get lower multiples on their real metrics and cute metrics.

You need to have a plan and luckily, if you follow price, you are always way ahead of the game. Right now I am building some lists of strong internet businesses like Zillow ($Z) and Expedia $EXPE) that are holding up really well in this crappy tape.

I talk about all of the above and more in greater detail in this week’s show below. Enjoy.