Momentum Monday ….Talking Tesla as a Platform on CNBC… and Marketing Automation

First off…welcome to my new blog design. It was time to clean things up and modernize a bit. Thanks to John Strott who also helped me build Stocktwits50.

CNBC asked me to talk a little bit about $TSLA yesterday, so here is the short clip:

Tesla is in a crazy momentum phase and those rationalizing the purchase up here are treating it as a platform company, not a car company (no position, though CNBC said I did have a position).

On my ‘Momentum Monday’ show yesterday, Ivan and I talked about the 3D printing trend yet again (we are long). Yesterday, though the stocks have tripled and more in the last 12 months, Citibank through a little oil on the fire with some coverage and lofty price targets.

Take a quick look back at a ‘Momentum Monday’ we did a year ago which explained what was coming with this sector and Wall Street:

I like it when a plan comes together.

Finally, take a listen in to my thesis on marketing automation now all the rage from Venture to Wall Street. This trend may be late on the Venture Capital side, but Wall Street is now in love and will not be satisfied until supply dwarfs demand. Marketing automation is an enterprise solution in growth mode….think of all the social web sites that rely on notifications and alerts. Think how dumb the process is and how marketing departments must make them better to meet the demands of Wall Street numbers. We are in the early stages of the run in these stocks. We are keeping an eye on $MKTO and $MKTG for now.


  1. Gordon Bowman says:

    Marketing automation is definitely a big trend to watch. I really like Marketo here too. Wouldn’t be surprised if they get acquired.

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